I. Types of Membership

i. Regular Members
  1. Bachelor's or higher degree of education is required.
  2. A minimum 2 years of experience in relevant sphere is required.
ii. Subscribing Members of the English Issues
  1. Fulfilling the same requirements as for regular members is required.
  2. Living abroad is required.

II. Procedures for obtaining full membership and for withdrawing from the Association

How to apply for admission

(1) Print out and fill in the registration formand send it, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed postcard (but without a stamp if the card is to be sent overseas from Japan), to the following address:.

Japanese Association of Special Education

Amakubo 2-20-7 Legato Hosoda 203
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0005

How to fill in the registration form

  1. If your name and/or address is in Chinese or Korean, please, if possible, write the Japanese reading (furigana) of your name and address in katakana.
  2. If you work for a university, include the name of the department; if the applicant works for a company, include the name of the department and section.
  3. Include your profession, or if you are a student, specify whether you are a graduate student, research student, undergraduate, etc.
  4. Under “Academic Curriculum,” write the name of the institution you most recently graduated from, and the year of graduation. If you are a university graduate,state your major field. For current students, write the name of the institution you are currently attending, and the number of years of study completed.
  5. State the number of years of working experience.
  6. If there are any changes in your address or any of the other information on the form, please contact the secretariat as soon as possible.

(2) Send the registration form to the office and, within a week, remit the 10,000-yen admission fee by postal transfer to:.

Postal account No. 00320-7-43330
In the name of: Nihon Tokushu Kyouiku Gakkai (JASE)

The administration fee will be considered as the annual membership fee of the year in which the admission is approved. If admission is not approved, the admission fee will be returned.

(3) The admission committee meets at the time of the Executive Directors Committee Meeting, which is held 3 times a year. A notification will be sent to all applicants after that meeting.

Withdrawal from the association

  1. As a general rule, withdrawal from the Association in the middle of a year is not permitted. Withdrawals are accepted if the application is received before the end of April of the current year.
  2. If the annual membership fee is not remitted, the Japanese Journal of Special Education will not be sent.
  3. When the annual membership fee is not remitted for two years consecutively, withdrawal procedures will be undertaken.